Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Poem About Me

I Am From

I am from the old, musty garage chock full of things, tasty mashed potatoes, and cinnamon rolls

From the old tree fort covered with scarlet berries and crackly leaves and the giant 10 acre orchard who waits to be explored

The orchard is just completely full of different stones, red and violet, smooth and rough

I am from Bob and Lisa and music

Music just makes me soar

I am from books and from The Pink Panther

From Tom & Jerry, Angel food cake and garlic toast

The Angel food cake is sweet like it’s name and the garlic toast just right when crisp

I am from ‘No, no the net’ and poetry

Fine poetry flows on the tongue and gives out heart and spirit

I am from watermelon and strawberries

From Great Britain and bonnie Scotland

The lands of my ancestors of old

I am from apples and watching ‘The Christmas Story’ every Christmas eve

Watching that movie is soft, warm blankets and steaming peppermint stick stirred hot cocoa

And these memories and more I keep in photographs and the stories I write

A Poem

There are many ways to spell revenge
Hitting your brother right smack in the face
with a big ol' water balloon
As he did to you the day before
Or maybe cutting your older sister's hair while she sleeps
Like she did to you last Friday
Ambushing your brother with the water hose
That happened to you a day ago
Putting all kinds of funny videos on your sister's cell phone
It happened to you a few days ago
There are many ways to spell revenge
and those are a few of them